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The Do and Donts of Cat Ownership

What Not to Do as a Cat Owner

  • Feed too many treats in one day

  • Never scoop the litter box

  • Let their nails grow really long and get caught on things

  • Rub their belly for too long , you might get a cat swat!

  • Leave out a single bowl of still water and think they are drinking enough of it

What to Do to be a Top-Notch Cat Owner

  • Feed responsibly with a well balanced diet of healthy food

  • Scoop the litter box daily

  • Keep your cat well groomed with regular brushing and nail clippings

  • Pet them the exact amount they want petted and not one rub more

  • Keep them hydrated and healthy by providing them with a fresh running water fountain bowl. Cats can't resist the temptation of the moving water. Keep them on track for a long live of love and happiness.

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