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  • Where can I purchase replacement foam filters or pumps?
    Please visit our Fountain Parts & Accessories page to purchase replacement parts.
  • Can these fountains use charcoal filters to improve the water quality?  Where can I buy them?
    Yes, you can add a charcoal filter by placing it on top of the pump. While they are not a requirement, a charcoal filter will help to improve the water taste and remove bad odors from the water. Please visit our Fountain Parts & Accessories page to purchase charcoal filters.
  • Are these fountains food safe?
    Yes, everything that we use in our fountains is 100% food safe. The safety of your pet is of the utmost importance to us. We take every measure to ensure all of our fountains are safe for pets to drink from. They are in fact, safe for you to drink from too (if you were enticed)! Every component that we use is sourced from a reputable location and is of food grade quality. We use premium, high purity FDA approved cord wraps that will not alter the taste or leach into the water. The tubing is FDA approved with an extra smooth interior that minimizes sediment accumulation. All non-glazed portions of the fountain are sealed with a food safe sealant leaving no places for bacteria to harbor. . We make no compromises when it comes to quality or safety. We are animal lovers and pet owners ourselves; we will never take any risks that could negatively impact your pet's health.
  • Why are fountains better than regular water bowls?
    Most cats do not drink enough water. A source of clean, fresh moving water encourages your cat to drink, which promotes positive health benefits in the long and short term. As an animal with the "wild" still in them, cats are naturally attracted to moving water. The moving water mimics how they would find and drink water in nature. Cats do not like still water. In nature, water that is stagnant is more likely to be contaminated.
  • Where are these fountains made?
    Each fountain is curated and hand crafted in the USA. The individual components of the fountain come from all around the world ranging from an exquisite hand thrown bowl from Italy to a meticulously detailed hand painted plate from Japan.
  • What exactly does it mean that Cat Taps are a "Found Art"?"
    Found Art is an art consisting of found objects & other materials, modified or manipulated by the artist. Cat Taps utilizes beautiful and unique ceramic dishware from various sources. We carefully select premade dishware to create stunning combinations. Our highly honed process is used to hand craft the dishware into a beautiful, food safe, functional cat water fountain.
  • Where do you find the dishes?
    Along with cat people, we are dish people and we love dishes! We spend countless hours combing through antique stores, the internet and home goods stores for the perfect elements to create our fountains. Nothing is more exciting than finding that uniquely wonderful vintage bowl from the 1950's in that hidden gem of a corner antique store or the modern artistically painted plate in our local home goods store! We are constantly looking for those special pieces and remain open to where ever inspiration may strike.
  • Are these fountains easy to clean?
    Yes! They are as easy as cleaning two bowls and a plate! One of the goals when designing these fountains was not only to make something stylish and cute but also to make cleaning easy. Many cat fountains are full of nooks and crannies which build up all sorts of yucky gunk that is nearly impossible to clean quickly and effectively. Our cat fountains easily disassemble and reassemble for easy maintenance. Watch our video cleaning tutorial to see how simple it is!
  • How often do you need to clean the fountain?
    We recommend replacing the water once a week and a full cleaning every 2 weeks. However, every situation is unique. The need for fountain cleanings can be impacted by the number of cats using it and how they interact with the fountain. Some cats like to dip their paw in and lick the water from their paws, others may be extra fluffy and are prone to getting all that fluffiness in the fountain waters!
  • Is ceramic better than plastic?
    Absolutely, yes! Ceramic not only looks incredibly nicer, it is a higher quality and will last much longer. There is no comparison when it comes to the weight, durability, looks and feel. Ceramic is also more hygienic. Overtime, the plastic fountains get scratched. Even the most seemingly insignificant scratches can harbor bacteria turning the drinking water and the fountain funky. Ceramic is resistant to these types of issues and will be much more sanitary over the lifetime of its use.
  • Electricity and water? Is the pump safe?
    Yes, the pump we use is designed specifically for pet drinking fountains. It utilizes an AC adaptor for an additional safe guard between your pet and electricity. As with all electrical cords, you should not allow your pet to chew on them.
  • Could these fountains be used for dogs too?
    While we have never tested these fountains with dogs, they would most likely function for small dogs that are similar in size to a cat. We would not recommend these for large or medium sized dog breeds.
  • Are these fountains noisy?
    Cats seek out healthy, fresh water sources using all of their senses. Slight water sounds are an essential part of attracting your cat to the fountain. With that in mind, we designed these to make minimal noise and to be as quiet as possible. You may here a here a slight humming from the pump and small splashes of water. Most people do not find the faint water sounds to be bothersome. Check out the video on the product page for a demo of the fountains running. If the pump is being excessively noisy, check the water level and ensure the pump is completely submerged. Usually if the pump is getting loud, the fountain needs more water.
  • What if the pump stops working?
    With regular maintenance the pump should last years. However, sometimes things just don't work out as expected. Luckily, it is easily replaced and no experts are needed. Please visit our Fountain Parts & Accessories page for a link to purchase a new pump and the instructions to install it.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! Once you are in the checkout input your address and the shipping will update. We are not able at this time to accommodate free shipping outside of the USA. All of our fountains are shipped extra carefully and fully insured to make sure they arrive safely from the long journey. Please note, any duties or taxes incurred will be the responsibility of the buyer.
  • I am an international buyer, will I need a plug adapter?"
    Unless your country uses the same standard wall plugs that USA does, you will need a plug adapter. Our cat fountains use the USA, Plug Type A with 120V. Mainly countries in North America, including Canada use the Plug Type A / 120V but please view this list to compare your country's plug and voltage type to the USA's : If you are in need of an adapter, fortunately, there is a great assortment of plug adapters available for purchase across the web. Just search your plug type with the one we use!
  • Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?
    Yes, however, due to the increased costs of shipping, a charge is added to orders sent to Alaska and Hawaii.
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