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My Experience with a Ragdoll Cat's Personality

There are plenty of resources out there that will talk about all the things a Ragdoll is and is not. As a Ragdoll owner, naturally I love to read all about the breed and learn as much as I can about my sweet Ruby's cat heritage.

One of the things I most often read about a Ragdoll cat's personality is that they are gentle, calm and generally very sociable with people. For the most part, I have found these to be true of Ruby. She does love to follow me around the house and be in the same room that I am in. She does not always want to be cuddled or touched but 99% of the time she wants to be wherever everyone else is. She definitely has a favorite person, me of course, I'm sure it is because I am the one who feeds her all the goodies!

Ruby does usually play nice and leaves her claws retracted. However, she is still a young cat and I would not always describe her as "gentle". She can get pretty feisty like you would expect most young cats to be. One of her favorite actives is to dart around the house and entice you to play! She is such a cute fluffy zoomies but her high energy usually does not last long. She is a big cat and not much of a jumper or a climber. It is true that Ragdolls seem to be much more of a floor cat. The biggest jump she makes on a daily basis is the one into bed at night to cuddle!

Ruby is perfect and she makes a great cat companion. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and sweet cat in my life!

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Layla Lewis
Layla Lewis
07. 10. 2023

Hi! Do you know if Ragdolls are hypoallergenic?

Thank you

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