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Our Story

We thoughtfully hand craft Cat Taps for those who love Art, Beauty, Design and most importantly, their Furry Friends. ( And of course for Spat Tac, whose insistence for "Sparkle Water" kept us motivated us along the way!)  Cat Taps decorative cat fountains originated from the desire to wholly provide for our pet’s well-being while still maintaining a sense of style throughout our homes. We enjoy the light hearted charm of the cute polka dot, the vintage floral, or the blue and white chinoiserie water fountain . We choose the unconventional, the unique, the beautiful, the eccentric, the bizarre, the soft, the feminine and fill our lives with the visual appeal!  There is no place like home so why not make it uniquely you and kitty.

But our passion goes beyond aesthetics. The health and well-being of our furry friends is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we carefully select each component that goes into our cat water fountains to be food grade and pet safe. Our cat water fountains are designed to be a functional work of art that is safe for pets and easy to clean. We are pet owners and animal lovers who are dedicated to bringing art and function together in a way both you and your pet will enjoy!


Inspired by Ruby the Ragdoll and paired by a love for bold colors and design, I set out to create the perfect addition for home and cat. I hope you enjoy as much we enjoyed creating! 


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