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Garden Fresh Catnip and a Fountain

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I've never considered myself to have a green thumb but recently I've been inspired to try my hand at growing some fresh cat nip straight from the seed. The last (and only) other time I have grown anything from a seed was in 6th grade science class when the whole class got to plant and grow a seed of their own.

My Vision

I can just imagine what a fun little cat haven it would make to have fresh cat nip growing in the warm sunlight while it sits along side a sweet little flowered cat water fountain . It would be like the city apartment version of a French Garden. Ruby could stroll on over for a drink of water in her couture cat fountain, much on some garden fresh catnip and bask in the sun. Now that sounds like the life!

Let's Give it a Shot

My temptation to try this has driven me to purchase 'All Good Things' seeds brand of Organic Catnip . I will have to admit, not having much seed selecting experience, it was probably their adorable artwork on the packaging that sold me .Who doesn't love some good cat art? Plus, they have an amazing mission that I feel is a great cause to support--Start with good to end with good. Pretty solid logic if you ask me.

It Starts

Off to a pretty good start with growing this cat nip seed. Some basic google searching gave me plenty of pointers on how to be successful. It's pretty rewarding to watch a plant grow from the seed. Soon this little baby catnip will be sitting next to a beautiful cat water fountain in the window. I can just see it now, a luxurious kitty oasis! Oh and bonus points, the Catnip has a lovely minty aroma.

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