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Designing a Cat Tap Water Fountain

Each cat water fountain goes through many steps before they are ready to land on your doorstep and be enjoyed by all! The most important and I like to think, the most fun part, is finding and discovering all the uniquely wonderful ceramic serveware that goes into each of our pet fountains.

Each Fountain Piece is Individually Discovered

I never know when, what or where I am going to find something amazing! When looking for pieces to craft a Cat Tap water fountain, I look for beautiful, unique pieces that stand out and speak to me in one way or another. It is so critical that each piece can stand on it's own for it's individual beauty. Or perhaps, it is the last piece to the design puzzle of an in process Cat Tap which brings it all together in a way that truly sings!

A Collection of Pieces

Part of creating a Cat Tap pet fountain means carefully curating a collection of pieces that can be used to cleverly pair groupings together while designing. At any given time, there can be many cat fountains in process and all at various stages. I honestly never know when I will find all the pieces to fully bring it to it's ultimate fruition and I never settle until it's perfectly wonderful in it's own way! Each cat fountain requires a minimum of 4-5 individual ceramic pieces before it can move onto the next stage of creation. That is a lot of perfect pairings in one cat fountain!

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