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An Inspirational Find

I can't tell you how many times, the meticulous search for Cat Tap pieces yields a big zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing. Hours carefully searching often leads to finding nothing worthy of a Cat Tap. That can be a bit disappointing, but when you do find something completely amazing, the fire strikes and motivation goes into full swing!

Howdy Partner

What a fun vintage find this 70's stoneware plate is! I'm envisioning that wonderful nostalgia of childhood, after all, what kid didn't play a made up childhood game in the theme of the western world.

Let's Make it a Food Safe Cat Fountain

The sheriff is back in town and he is inviting me to turn this piece it into a cat water fountain. It will play on that old school charm of the Western Cowboy vibe. Perhaps I'll pair this with an adorable pair of ceramic cowboy boots or a horse figurine with the tail as the water stream. Inspiration is still open and we will see what is discovered next!

A Cat Fountain Fit for the Good 'Ol West

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