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A Cat Commitment

The average length of a cat's life is 16 years. That is a wonderfully long time to be in the company of your beloved pet, friend and family member. As a pet owner, I feel its my responsibility to do everything I can to make my pet's life the best it can be. Just think, your cat relies on you for everything. The cat can't go to the store and pick out their food or the pick up the toy they want at the local pet store. Although, sometimes I wish Ruby the Ragdoll could, it would take a lot of the guess work out!

Ruby the Ragdoll
I'd say Ruby is looking pretty well "rounded" so far.

Well Rounded Cat

Creating a nurturing home for my cat was my goal when I originally set out to purchase a pet fountain. Ruby and I are in for the long haul together and I want to provide for her wellness. However, I also didn't want to be sentenced to a lifetime of looking at a drab pet fountain. I always strive to surround myself with things I love for their beauty, style, and function. The only cat fountain that belongs in my home, is the one I created to perfectly fit that description. It's truly the one and only, Cat Taps.

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