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This ceramic pet drinking fountain features rich cobalt blues in a multi patterned oriental design.


Cat Taps are a Found Art creation that showcase beautiful pieces, each of which are carefully curated from sources throughout the world. Cat Taps are designed and hand crafted in the USA.  Each Cat Tap is a one of a kind. The one shown is the only one in existence. Once it is sold, it will not come back.


Most cats do not drink enough water for proper health.


  • Consisting of 80% of your cat’s body, water is an essential nutrient needed to thrive.  Cats that do not consume enough water are more prone to serious health complications in the long and short term.


  • As an animal that has “wild” tendencies in them, cats are reluctant to drink still water. In nature, stagnant water has a higher likelihood of being contaminated.


Cat Taps encourage your cat to drink by tapping into their natural instinct that draws them to moving water.


  • Cats use their all of their senses when seeking out prime water sources.


  • Cat Taps drinking fountains provide an enticing water supply that simply tastes better. Our pet-safe water pump freshly oxygenates your cat's water as it moves through the fountain.


  • Our cat drinking fountains have multiple surface areas of breaking water that allows your cat to see and locate the water more effectively.  The soft water sounds this creates helps your cat to source a fresh & healthy supply of water.  


  • Cats can be picky. This is why we designed Cat Taps to have multiple areas where your cat can choose to drink from. Our cat water fountains are suitable for many different drinking preferences.


Cat Tap’s premium ceramic design resists scratching and the growth of bacteria in your cat's water fountain.


  • Our ceramic cat fountains are made with the same quality of ceramic dishes you would use for yourself and your family.


Cat Taps water fountains are easy to clean and maintain.


  • Unlike other cat fountains, Cat Taps require no special brushes for cleaning. Our cat drinking fountains quickly dissemble and reassemble, making it as easy as washing a bowl and a plate.


Promote positive health benefits for your cat while showcasing your uniquely styled, one of kind cat water fountain in your home.  Both you and your cat will be envied!


Chinoiserie Floral

Out of Stock
    • Ceramic fountain
    • Easy to clean
    • Oxygen infused water for improved taste
    • Hand Crafted in the USA
    • Food Safe
    • Replaceable Pumps and Filters Available
    • Includes:
      • All fountain components
      • Pump with AC adaptor
      • 2 Months supply of filters


    • Main bowl dimensions: 10'' diameter x 3'' tall
    • This fountain size is suited for:
      • Junior, Adult and Senior Cats
      • Multi Cat Households


    Free shipping to the USA

  • Returns are accepted within 30 days after date of purchase. Fountains must be returned clean and in the original shape that you received them. If your initial order was eligible for free shipping, you will receive a full refund minus a small $25.00 shipping fee. All other orders will receive a full refund minus the original cost of shipping. Thank you for shopping with a small business!


    Please email to initiate your return. 



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