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Too many cats are suffering from dehydration!  Cat Tap's are beautifully crafted artistic water fountains that attract cats to water.  Cat Tap's are the perfect panacea to enhance your cat's wellness and complement your home's decor.


Cat Taps water fountains improve your cat’s health by enticing them to drink more water. Cats are instinctively drawn to moving water as a fresh and healthy source. Our premium ceramic cat water & drinking fountains speak to your cat’s natural instinct to seek out moving water.  Cats that drink more water throughout their lives are more likely to live a long, happy & healthy life.

Cat Taps are a Found Art creation, exhibiting carefully curated & individually selected components from all over the world. Each cat water fountain is exquisitely designed to entice your cat to drink and to be uniquely stylish. Cat Taps pet fountains are a perfect blend of style and function.  Proudly showcase your decorative cat water fountain in your home and both you and your cat will be envied!

Cat Taps are hand crafted in the heart of USA, with love.

Decorative Ceramic Cat Fountains
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